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Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC


Landscape and Maintenance in Prescott, AZ

Landscape design and installation

At Jonny's Tree and Landscaping Co. LLC, we have the experience and credentials to provide you with ideas and complete those ideas to give you the lawn of your dreams. We can do it all, starting with installing irrigation systems, then using topsoil and sod for a beautiful landscape, or hardscape materials for a walkway, stairs, or more. For larger estates and commercial properties, we will clear brush and tangle to keep your property gorgeous and neat. We can do all of this and so much more, such as installing a new fence.
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Landscape Maintenance

Once you have had your property's landscape handled by us, you will want to keep it looking fresh. In addition to the personal benefit of a maintained yard, your curb appeal is the first thing people notice, and it can even affect your property value. Schedule your weekly, monthly and seasonal lawn maintenance with Jonny's Tree and Landscaping to keep your residential and commercial property looking its best.