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Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC


Tree Pruning, Trimming, and Removal in Prescott, AZ

Have you got unruly trees in your Prescott, AZ yard or commercial property? Experience the Professionals at Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Company that makes the curb appeal of your property.
As tree services experts, we keep all your plants and trees healthy and beautiful by pruning and crown cleaning. Along with keeping your property beautiful, we also want to keep it safe. With over 15 years in business in the Quad City area, we are the professionals to trust when it comes to comes to protection from landscape conditions and climates. Schedule your fire mitigation compliance maintenance.

Certified Firewise™

Not only do we make your home or business exterior beautiful, we help keep it safe. We have the expertise and certified personel to bring your property up to Firewise™ compliance. Your trees' maintenance and placement correlates directly to your home's immediate risk. We are equipped to remove and install your trees and shrubbery according to Firewise specifications, and still give you a property to be proud of.

Certified Pruners and Boom Operators

If you want to keep your trees looking gorgeous and healthy, having our certified pruners prune and crown clean is essential. However, at Jonny's Tree and Landscaping Co. LLC, we understand that not all trees are wanted, and having a certified boom operator working on your landscape means that you can have any size tree efficiently, and safely removed.
Contact us today for all of your tree pruning and removal needs.